If you are promoting a live event of any size, you need to have professional, dependable audio reinforcement. You should have quality sound equipment run by experienced professionals. Our equipment and engineers have worked with many different acts, solo artists, bands, large and small businesses and a host of others where problem free audio is required. With years of experience in clubs, hotels, and festivals, corporate speeches and private events, our staff can handle any setup and provide you with professional sound solutions.

Call us today (434) 987-3755 to find out how we can help you be heard.

We have many sound system packages available. No request is too big or too small - we can customize any package to fit your budget.

From lavaliers microphones to full-blown outdoor concert setups and everything in between - Prosound Solutions will deliver!

Our System

The system we use is made by Electro-Voice.  It is the EV Live X Brand and is ultra clear, powerful and responsive.  We have a few different packages for use with multiple EV ELX118P 18" bass cabinets and multiple EV ELX112P 12" and EV ELX115P 15"  full range cabinets. We use Shure SM58 and Sennheiser E835 Vocal Microphones, Shure SM57 for Instruments, AKG and Audix Drum mics. We also have Shure Beta 58 Wireless microphones for the singers that like to move around.   We use Behringer X32 Consoles for large setups and Zoom Digital consoles for the smaller packages.  We have high quality cables and stands and can provide backline amps and drums if needed.